The sport of cheerleading is sweeping the nation and its popularity appeals to girls of all ages. Our program allows the opportunity for youth to be involved in cheerleading through fun and exciting form of exercise and gives each child a chance to become part of a team environment.

Our Cubs learn all the basic cheer motions, jumps, chants, stunts, dance and tumbling needed to advance to our competitive program or school cheer program, if desired. Our Cubs program is designed for girls kindergarten aged and older, with some exceptions. Classes are grouped by both age and skill level.

Both boys and girls can participate in our tumbling programs, which focus primarily on floor skills, strength and flexibility. From backbends to back tucks, our tumbling students enjoy a positive environment which allows them to progress at their own individual pace. Our dedicated coaches tailor each program to suit the needs of the age group and skill level of the students, gradually requiring more skill mastery and self-discipline through positive reinforcement and encouragement. Many tumbling students progress to our competitive cheer program. If you are interested in competitive cheer or dance, please click on the Kerrville Cougars tab at the top of the page.


Tumbling One:  Our preschool and kindergarten aged students (3 1/2 – 5) in Tumbling One develop muscle coordination, strength and flexibility to help learn basic tumbling skills like front rolls, backbends and cartwheels. Using vocal and visual commands, our coaches help prepare young students for the transition into either kindergarten or first grade by teaching them to follow directions and pay attention to an instructor. Tumbling One has the opportunity to perform in our recital in May.

Tumbling Two: Our school-aged students in Tumbling Two progress at their own pace while improving technique from cartwheels to back walk-overs. Our students enjoy a productive learning environment where exercising is fun and entertaining, while also developing a positive self-image. Tumbling Two students do not participate in our recital.

Tumbling Three: This is designed for our more advanced, school-aged students who have mastered tumbling basics. This class focuses more on power tumbling skills, such and back handsprings and back tucks, as well increased flexibility and endurance. Our coaches expect a higher level of skill mastery and dedication from our students while still maintaining a positive atmosphere. Tumbling Three students do not participate in our recital.



Tap dancing is a fun and challenging style of dance, and it aids in developing   coordination, grace and stamina. From shuffle steps to pick-ups, our students learn proper technique, rhythm and timing, as well as showmanship.

Preschool tap: This is designed for students as young as 2 1/2 years old. We incorporate singing, dancing, and both vocal and visual commands which help prepare students for the transition into kindergarten by teaching them to follow directions and pay attention to an instructor. We accept both boys and girls into our preschool tap program.

Elementary Tap: This school-aged tap program includes both beginners and experienced tap students and are grouped by both age and skill level. These classes work on more advanced steps and footwork as the year progresses, while continually building self-esteem and self-discipline through encouragement and positive reinforcement.    

Advanced Tap: As our students develop mastery of their tapping skills, we offer more advanced instruction with complicated tap combinations. Often, we will incorporate the use of props to provide an extra challenge for these students.


Ballet is a classic form of dance, yet our program focuses less on classical style and more on teaching the art in a relaxed and enjoyable manner. We incorporate floor work as well as bar exercises. Ballet increases flexibility and grace and helps students to develop body awareness. Lyrical dance is a more modern style of ballet, which is interpretive in form. Choreographed to contemporary Christian music, our lyrical dance provides a medium to express faith through graceful ballet-based movements.

Ballet One: Students can begin instruction as early as age 4. This class will focus on the five ballet positions, flexibility, and basic ballet footwork. Leaps and jumps are always a favorite part of class. Our intent is not to produce prima ballerinas, but to instill a love for this classic dance.

Ballet Two: We accept both beginner and experienced school-aged dancers, grouping our students in classes by age and skill level. This class utilizes bar exercises to improve flexibility, with an increased concentration on floor work, leaps, and jumps.

Some of our more advanced students may choose to pursue the art of Pointe. Pointe requires several years of ballet as a prerequisite and requires proper body size and body maturity. This style of dance calls for superior leg and ankle strength, as well as a commitment to a more intense practice schedule. Please contact us at for more information.


Our Lyrical program is designed for students in fourth grade and older, with the exception of younger students with prior ballet experience. Lyrical focuses on interpreting music through body movement and dance, while focusing on both flexibility and grace.

Hip Hop

Hip-Hop is our most recent programs we are started several years ago. Hip-Hop is growing in popularity even in the competitive dance arena, and while we’ve had individuals compete at that level, we now offer this dance style as a non-competitive class. We are committed to keeping both our music and moves “clean” and modest while still maintaining the elemental integrity of this dance style. Hip-Hop relies heavily on rhythm and beat, while incorporating flexibility, some tumbling and modified jazz elements. These classes are designed for students in 2nd grade and older and are divided by age and ability.