Kerrville Cougars Cheer Awards 2021-2022

JAM FEST Competition: December 12

Diva Kats (show team) - performed amazing!!

Kit Kats - 1st place **Hit Zero Routine**

Wild Kats - 1st place

Royal Kats - 1st place

CHEER POWER Competition: January 29

Diva Kats (show team) - GREAT performance!!

Kit Kats - 1st place

Wild Kats - 2nd place

Royal Kats - 2nd place

**our teams were given a special award by Ms. Regina, the founder of Cheer Power, for great sportsmanship!!

FUN CHEER 2-Day NATIONALS: March 12-13

Diva Kats (show team) - performed amazing both days!!

Kit Kats - 2nd place **Hit Zero on Day 1**

Wild Kats - Champion **Hit Zero on Day 1 & Day 2

Royal Kats - Champion & Level 2 Grand Champion Overall